Kenneth Lewis, LMT

Massage Therapy for a Hectic World

About Me

I’ve been practicing massage as long as I can remember, starting with family and friends when I was a child rubbing my mother’s shoulders. I developed an interest in professional masssage from a family friend who is a blind massage therapist. She was attending massage school and braille textbooks weren’t available, so mom and I read the textbooks into a tape recorder so she could study by listening to the tapes. She repaid the favor by practicing massage with us, and that gave me early exposure to professional, therapeutic massage.

I continued to practicing massage therapy among friends and family until after I graduated from college, when I decided to earn my massage therapy license and enrolled at East West College of the Healing Arts in Portland, OR (a 750-credit hour program). Classes there focused primarily on Swedish and Deep Tissue massage, but also allowed me to take two electives, of which I chose to study Structural Integration (taught by an instructor who was trained by Kinesis Myofascial Integration) and Thai massage. This class sparked my interest in Thai Massage both because of its holistic approach to bodywork (a recognition that stretching and activating muscles is therapeutically useful) and because Thai massage feels so good to receive. As a result, I attended Blue Lotus Thai Healing Studies, as well as traveled to Thailand to study at several schools in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Since returning to the US my focus has been on integrating the techniques I’ve learned in a way that is most beneficial to my client’s needs, each day.

East West College                       ABMP Member     

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